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Dhana Laxmi Jeevan Beema

July 21, 2018
Dhana Laxmi Jeevan Beema

It’s an Limited Payment and Money-back  plan paid for limited term of years. The Policy term is either 10, 14 or 18  years and the Premium Paying Term is either single, 5 , 7, 8, 10, 12 and 14 years.

Minimum Age At Entry : 11
Maximum Age at Entry : 60, 56, 52 years for Policy Term 10,14 and 18 years
Minimum Policy Term : 10, 14 and 18 years
Maximum Policy Term 10, 14 and 18 years
Maximum Age at Maturity : 70 years
Pay Mode : Single, Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly or monthly

Rebate and Overload

Rebate on Pay Mode
Yearly 2 {a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} -Discount
Half Yearly 1 {a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} -Discount
Quarterly NIL
Monthly 5{a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} -Overload
Rebate of Large Sum Assured
501000 and Above Rs 2 -Discount
200000 to 500000 Rs 1 -Discount

Survival Benefits

On Survival, the benefits as a percentage of Sum Assured will be as

  • For 10 years of Policy term :
    • 15 {a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} on 3rd year, 25 {a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} on 6th year and 60{a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} Plus Bonus on 10th year.
  • For 14 years of Policy term :
    • 15{a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} on 3rd year, 20{a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} on 7th year, 25{a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} on 11th and 40{a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} Plus Bonus on 14th Year.
  • For 18 years of Policy term :
    • 10{a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} on 3rd, 10{a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} on 6th, 15{a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} on 12th, 15{a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} on 16th and 50{a1e427ee5b9b9d9407360d635f0c97b2ed8488c3db64bca6dbcffee983720b61} Plus Bonus on 18th year.

On Death of life Assured, Full sum assured + Bonus will be paid (without deducting survival amount paid before if any)

Optional Benefits by paying additional premium.

First Policy Issue Date: 15-07-2018