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धनञ्जय बार्षिक अग्रिम भुक्तानी

December 2, 2020
धनञ्जय बार्षिक अग्रिम भुक्तानी

Dhananjaya Yearly Moneyback Endowment is a Moneyback Endowment Life Assurance Products.This product covered risk for minimum of 5 years to 20 years of term. The Policy have 5% of Sum-assured is pay back to insured every year.

Minimum Sum Assured : Rs 100000
Maximum Sum Assured : As per insured income source
Minimum Age At Entry : 16 years
Maximum Age at Entry : 65 years
Minimum Policy Term : 5 years
Maximum Policy Term 20 years
Maximum Age at Maturity : 70 years
Pay Mode : Monthly,Half-Yearly and Yearly