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15-Years Money Bank Cum Whole Life Assurance (Saarthak Ajeewan Jeevan Beema)

March 29, 2018
15-Years Money Bank Cum Whole Life Assurance (Saarthak Ajeewan Jeevan Beema)

It’s a MoneyBack Plan where the life insured purchase a policy for a certain period of time but the risk is covered during the life time of the policyholder or up to the period of life assured attaining age 100, whichever is less.

The Survial

Minimum Age At Entry : 18 Years
Maximum Age at Entry : 65 years
Policy Term : 15 Years
Maximum Age at Maturity : 70 years
Pay Mode : Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly or monthly

Rebate and Overload

Rebate on Pay Mode
Yearly 2 % -Discount
Half Yearly 1 % -Discount
Quarterly NIL
Monthly 5 % -Overload
Rebate of Large Sum Assured
200000 and 299000 Rs 1 -Discount
300000 and above Rs 2 -Discount

Death Benefit

On death of life assured during the term of policy FULL SUM ASSURED Plus Bonus Declared and Vested in the policy will be paid.

Survival Benefit :

  • On Survival to 5 years from commencement :  25% of the sum Assured
  • on Survival to 10 years from commencement : 25 % of the sum Assured
  • On survival to 15 years of commencement : 50 % of sum Assured + Vested Bonus
  • On survival to 100 years age : Full Sum Assured will be paid if not paid earlier due to death.

Optional Benefits (optional benefit available by paying additional premium as per company rule for the policies attaining age 18)

  1. ADB  /PTD /PWB
First Policy Issue Date: 22-09-2017